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Name: Jessica
Year: First (heading into my second semester)
Degree you're working towards: MA
Field of Study: Criminal Justice
Research Interests (if any): Criminal behavior, police psychology, police personality
University: Arizona State
Five Year Plan: Graduate this coming December, apply to pretty much every federal law enforcement agency, hopefully get hired.
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: Fandom flailing and cooking.
Totally random fact: I drove from Indiana to Phoenix at the beginning of the school year. It took three days. I've never been happier to get out of a car.

Introduction :-)

Name: Jodi
Year: 1st!
Degree you're working towards: Ph.D
Field of study: Slavic Languages and Literatures, Polish Studies
Research interests (if any): 19th and 20th c. Polish Literature, Polish cinema, post-communist representations of gender, feminist/gender/queer theory. LGBTQ Studies. Language pedagogy.
University: University of Michigan
Five year plan: to survive. and hopefully be finishing a dissertation.
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: haven't quite figured this one out yet.
Fact: I have absolutely no Polish heritage at all, a BS in Psychology, and yet somehow became obsessed with this literature (and managed to make it into a grad program). Funny how life turns out sometimes :-).


Hello all! I am just about to begin my first semester of working towards my Master's in literature, and am frankly terrified! Glad to come across a supportive place on LJ.
I am 22, just graduated from the University of North Texas in May with a BA in English. Have since had a terrible time finding a job! My ultimate career goal is to teach in a university setting. Obviously, it will be some time until that happens, so I'm currently struggling on a Whole Foods part-time salary.
In undergrad, I made an administrative error by thinking I could stay enrolled in a course I hated, without actually attending, and replace my F the following semester. I didn't realize that this particular course couldn't be repeated, so I was left with a 3.5 GPA. I applied to the University of Texas in Austin for the Fall semester, and have fingers crossed - but not hopeful. So, my plan is to get my MA at UNT, then hopefully my PhD somewhere a bit more prestigious.
I'm looking forward to getting started in academia, and I'm glad to have a place like this where I can voice concerns and ask the questions that I'm sure will frequently arise.


I should re-introduce myself since I switched to a new university and research program.

Name: Laura
Year: Fourth year of grad school, starting first semester in new program
Degree you're working towards: Ph.D.
Field of study: Physics, planetary science emphasis
Research interests (if any): Lunar regolith (Moon dust) and the formation of planets
University: University of Central Florida
Five year plan: Finally graduate with my doctorate (all the professors I've spoken with estimate that I have 3 years left since most of my coursework is done). Secure an awesome job at NASA. Get married to the love of my life and have children. If I'm insane enough, start a second master's degree (an online program in science project management, space policy, or similar).
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: Yoga, kitties, watching movies or TV with my sweetheart, and wasting time online.
Totally random fact: I've wanted to be an astronaut since I was in kindergarten. The back-up plan is to take over NASA, although I could do both. Also, my sweetheart and I survived 3.5 years of being long-distance while I got my master's. Also, I love the color purple.

The lesson of the day is: choose your research advisor wisely. I had a fantastic one. He decided to leave to take a job in industry. My new advisor and I did not see eye to eye and didn't work well together. After a year and a half of butting heads, I decided to take my master's degree and move on. I'm much happier for it and have high hopes for my new program and new advisor.
Should take about 10 to 15 minutes! Thanks for your help! And if you know anyone else who might take it, forward away!

Invitation to Participate in Research Study:
Mindfulness, Social Attitudes, and Bias Awareness

This is a web-based survey research study involving: mindfulness, social attitudes regarding eperience, comfort and appreciation with diversity, and awareness of personal bias. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship of mindfulness (awareness and acceptance) to social attitudes, specifically the experience and comfort with and appreciation of people who are different or similar.
We are asking you to complete a web-based survey that will take 30 minutes. Some items are sensitive, such as asking you about your religious beliefs or prejudices, but no more so than you would encounter in everyday life; you may skip a question if it makes you uncomfortable. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. By filling out the survey, you are agreeing to participate in the study. If you have any questions or concerns about this project, contact Dr. Sue C. Jacobs, Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology at (405) 744-9895; sue.c.jacobs@okstate.edu. Other research team members include, Anne P. Weese, Maria Howell, Nathan Richards, Julie Swagerty, and Rich Zamora. This study has been approved by the Oklahoma State University IRB. Thank you for your willingness to assist us with this research.

Follow the link below:

Time management

I am a PhD student in dissertation mode. I've just started. In fact I'm working on my first paper that will be incorporated in the whole in some way. I also have a 17 month old and have to split childcare with my husband who works from home. My question to you is on average how many hours a day do you put in on your school work? Not counting classes, if you take them. Reading? Writing? Research? Right now I seem to be putting in an average of about 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. This isn't getting it done, to say the least. But I find that 4 hours a day seems to be my max at this point. After that my brain turns to noodles.

Nov. 2nd, 2009

Hi everyone,

Apoligies if this is a bit off topic here.

I'm going to be running a workshop introducing feminism to a group of university undergraduates in a few weeks. We're focusing on the representation of women in film and tv. Does anyone have any resources or suggestions for things I can get them to do/look at to help begin consciousness raising? I only have an hour and I don't really want to give them anything too long to read. Something that links to contemporary tv aimed at women or to very recent films would be perfect. Statistics are also very welcome.

Thank you!

New girl on the block

Name: Tanglewood
Year: Just getting started. 1 month in!
Degree you're working towards: PhD
Field of study: Life Sciences
Research interests (if any): Everything! Climate change and ecology and evolution and genetics and ethology and... *sigh* all the stuff I don't get to do any more
Five year plan: Finish this bad boy. Make a plan on whether this is the life or whether I want to go teach.
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: Music, music lots of music! A good book when I've got a few days spare (can't start without getting engrossed) oh and lots of time in the gym!
Totally random fact: I draw ampersands backwards


 Name: Caroline
Year: I am in my second year of grad education
Degree you're working towards: masters
Field of study: Industrial ENgineering/ Human Factors/Computer Science. (I changed majors)
Research interests (if any):  A lot. Human computer interaction in an industrial setting in an easy going manner is the easiest way to describe my current work but my interests are one too many.
University: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Five year plan: Get a job. Be happy.
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: Considering it is MINNESOTA I am talking about. I used to take long walks along lakes/bridges as a stress reliever. Nowadays I make sure I incorporate one FUN class into my schedule. I have two left feet and I learnt salsa one time and I am learning tap dancing now.
Totally random fact: I am a romance novel freak and a soap freak!

Hello there!

Name: Kerri
Year: I just started my fifth year (yikes!)
Degree you're working towards: PhD
Field of study: Chemical Engineering
Research interests (if any): Biocatalysis
University: North Carolina State University
Five year plan: Finish up my PhD, which will probably be in Fall 2010/Spring 2011. After that, I am probably going to be looking for a post doc position or two. I am considering working for a year or so in another country. Eventually, I am looking for a tenure-track faculty position.
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: I like reading non-work related books, and I  am a total TV  junkie. I also spend a lot of time talking to my sister.
Totally random fact: I almost majored in English Lit instead of Chemical Engineering. I figured that being forced to read might kill my love for books, so I  went the engineering route. I  knew I would always be curious about why things work.

Statement of Purpose

Name: Allie
Year: currently applying
Degree you're working towards: MA in Museum Studies, and eventually my Phd in Anthropology
Field of study: cultural anthropology
Research interests (if any): not sure yet.
University: got my BA at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA
Five year plan: get into grad school for Museum Studies, and (depending on the school I end up at) apply after a year for their Anthropology Phd program
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: video games, baking, Jane Austen, or surfing the internet.
Totally random fact: I, my Dad, and my younger brother all have synestheisa. They're both musicians and see colors when listening music; I see colors with numbers, months, and days of the week.

Well, hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I really, really want to get back in school by fall of 2010. I'm having some getting started on my statement of purpose, though. It's been three years since I was last in college, so my confident in my writing abilities are not what they once were. I was wondering if any of you out there had any wisdom to share, or knew of any resources? What should I include? What do schools want to know about me? What should I never in a million years say?


What do you use to carry your stuff to and from school? During my Master's degree, I lived only a block away from the school so I would go home all the time and only had to carry enough stuff for each class. So, the only thing that I ever needed to carry my books was basically a large purse.

Now, I live a 15-minute drive away from school (I moved to a new state/school to do my PhD) so I have to bring everything that I need in the morning and it's just too much to carry it all in a large purse. So these days, I've been carrying a bag with my computer and notebooks, a bag with my books/lunch/water bottle, and my purse (with all the stuff I normally carry in that), plus a coffee and it's been a struggle to carry everything from my car to my department where I can leave some stuff in my cubicle. I'd really like to carry only one bag or one bag and my purse and I'm planning to buy something new as soon as I possibly can.

So, any suggestions? What do you use?

Name: Shanna (as in Shanna-Banana)
Year: 3rd and FINAL year (currently writing dissertation - ugh)
Degree you're working towards: Ed.D.
Field of study: Higher Education Administration 
Research interests (if any): Academic Success of Student-Athletes
University: Florida State University
Five year plan: graduate, LEAVE FLORIDA ASAP, get a job at an NCAA Division I institution
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: Training for half-marathons (even though I run at turtle speed - it helps bust stress!)
Totally random fact:  I know why the caged-bird sings...IT WENT TO GRAD SCHOOL.

New Member

Name: J.
Year: Applying this winter
Degree you're working towards: PhD
Field of study: English
Research interests (if any): 20th century literature, Lost Generation, Confessional Poets, Autobiographical Fiction
University: University of Nevada--Reno
Five year plan: To be finishing my dissertation, working as full time faculty at a community college
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: Booze, of course.
Totally random fact: I schedule my classes so I still have time for roller derby practice.


Glad to have found this spot. I'm slowly trying to get my mind back in the game--this will be the third PhD program I have applied to over the last 3 years and I'm not particularly looking forward to it. However, I would really like to go back to school, even if it means considerable stress and difficulty in addition to my busy teaching regime.

My husband and I are currently in Portland, OR but are moving to Reno, NV next year. I'll have my acceptance or rejection far before that time table, for better or for worse.

Hi All

Name: Karen
Year: I am starting my second year of grad school in a month or so.
Degree you're working towards: M.A
Field of study: Medical Anthropology
Research interests (if any):  My interests are traditional medicine and its practitioners. Currently I am studying hanbang which is trad. Korean medicine and  the people who choose this health option. Additionally I am interested in religion, shamanism, healing and ethnobotany in reference to healing.
University: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
Five year plan: I want to successfully complete in one year my M.A. In the mean while, apply to a Ph.D program and be in a program by the fall of 2010. I should be married a month before then! While working on my Ph.D later into the program, I want to start a family. I don't see myself in Cincinnati. I would like to live some where else
Best way to relieve uni-related stress: Reading books, in other words-escapism. I read a lot and love reading books from my favorite authors. Also, it's important to clear a day or two for just fun or non school related activity. I do my best give myself a weekend.
Totally random fact: I'm a huge nerd.