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Women Graduate Students of LJ
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women graduate students
Why women?
Women attending graduate school is still a relatively new phenomenon; women in general have many issues unique to our sex. Consequently, women grad students face a number of challenges as we pave the way for more women to choose to continue their educations beyond a bachelor's. women_grads was created as an online community for female grad students (as well as future female grads, those who are still in the thinking stage, and those who have already graduated) to get together to talk, vent, ask questions, and what-have-you.

This community does not exclude men! The male perspective on matters is welcomed. Every member of this community will be expected to show respect to other members, regardless of sex/gender. However, the main focus will be on women and our experiences in higher education (and possibly beyond that). For general grad school queries, try gradstudents.

Community rules
As long as your posts and comments promote respectful, intelligent conversation or debate, you're golden. But if you are inciting drama, calling people names, using -ist language, or are otherwise not contributing to said respectful conversation/debate, then you will be warned. Repeat offenders and trolls will be banned.

Posting introductions
New members may want to introduce themselves, especially as the community grows. If you want to introduce yourself but need a little structure, here is a basic template. Don't feel confined by it or feel as though you have to answer all these questions, of course.

Degree you're working towards:
Field of study:
Research interests (if any):
Five year plan:
Best way to relieve uni-related stress:
Totally random fact:

Any questions?
Direct them to your mods, vanish and things_beyond.

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